Important health points about Keto Diet

Keto diet and diabetes

When you have too much ketones , you might be at risk of diabetic ketoacidosis ( DKA ) . Diabetic ketoacidosis is a serious complication of diabetes type 1 which is different from Ketosis.

Although both ketosis and ketoacidosis increase the level of ketones , but they are very different. ketogenic diet tries to produce nutritional ketones which are often safe, while Diabetic ketoacidosis is a serious complication which needs to be treated.

DKA happens when your body produces high levels of blood acid which could damage the liver , kidneys and brain. The condition develops when your body is unable to produce enough insulin and begins to break down fat as fuel.

It is critical for diabetic patients to consult their doctor before taking a heavy Keto diet.

DKA Symptoms

Your breath could provide some clues to your diabetic disease . Sweet fruity smell may possibly be a sign of ketoacidosis. The ammonia odor could be sign of kidney disease . Other symptoms of ketoacidosis are frequent urination and extreme thirst.

Can Keto Diet reverse your diabetes ?

To be sincere , a complete reversal of type 2 diabetes is difficult , if not impossible. However, studies have shown that people with type 2 diabetes could drop weight and lower blood sugar levels and needed fewer medications through a ketone diet.

Is Keto Diet safe for Kidneys

Fat keto options like butter and meat could increase your blood pressure , while higher protein intake could increase pressure on the kidneys since it adds more acid to the kidneys and disrupts the body’s calcium balance . this combination makes you more susceptible to kidney disease. Keto is unsafe for people with disease like pancreas , liver , thyroid gland or gallbladder.

Ketosis and Kidney Function: Here's ...

Is Keto Diet safe for Heart

Can Keto Help Prevent or Manage Heart ...

The ketogenic diet could include huge amounts of vegetables and animal protein . Doctors say the high-fat diet may raise cholesterol and endanger your heart . Eating huge amounts of saturated fat , like fast food and red meat , increases a person’s risk of atherosclerosis , which may boost coronary heart disease and heart attacks .

a low-carbohydrate diet like Keto may increase the risk of Atrial fibrillation(AFib) which is one of the most common kinds of irregular heartbeats.